Mushroom soup and salad (Taken with instagram)

Mushroom soup and salad (Taken with instagram)


I have been off work for the past few days

I’ve been home cooking, cleaning and doing some chores around the house. I think that I’ve been to Walmart more than two times. I have eaten so many Cadbury mini chocolate eggs. I have experience many ups and downs from the sugar.

I was able to register for a course at UTM. It is a course that will focus on the media and impressions that it makes on the general public. I am very excited to be back in school and around youth and their energy.

I have also been enjoying taking pictures of food and myself I have included a few.

>Healthy Skin Foods

 High in vitamin C
4 x the vitamin C of an orange
builds collagen in skin
Try to eat 2 cups per week

Wheat Germ
Rich in zinc
 which heals wounds, is an anti-inflammatory
1/2 cup per day

Romaine Lettuce 
 High in vitamin A
great for cellular repair

Brazil Nuts
Excellent sources of selenium and antioxidants
repairs skin damage

Contains Lycopine
antioxidant, natural U.V. sunscreen

Innocent Nubile Grass Romantic Industrious Devout

Focus group today

>The whole process was very interesting. The group was made up of 10 people with a discussion leader.The group consisted of 5 males and 5 females.  The session was recorded for audio and video taped. We were also observed through the glass. The questions ranged from  food thermometers, bacteria, having faith that the government protecting us from dangerous food. Who really contaminates the food that people get sick from. How people should be warned when there are food recalls. There were a list of pictures that were cartoonized that could be used to bring attention to contamination and bacteria.  All the participants were given an honorarium at the upon completion. It made me curious enough to see what the government does to protect us. I discovered that unless people are affected by things that cause allergies they do not pay that much attention.