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Breaking Bad the show

I recently started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, I am really enjoying the story. Walter White, Bryan Cranston is played by of Malcom in the Middle fame. Walter middle aged, and overqualified as a high school chemistry teacher that finds out that he has lung cancer. He believes that the cancer is terminal and he has been given a death sentence. Believing that he is going to die he becomes a different person. Cunning, ruthless and a very good liar.Walter is also married with a teenage son that is disabled and a wife that is pregnant and expecting soon. In a bid to prevent his family from suffering hardship he decided to use his skills as a chemist to create Crystal Meth, after finding out the amount of money it makes. Walter teams up with a former high student Jessie Pinkman and the two’s adventures begin. I highly recommend this show to any one looking for a change and some that challenges your morality by making you think what would you do if you felt that you had no other choice.I am into season 3 right and will be seriously jonesing to watch season 4.


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