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Adjusting well to my new hair cut.

I have had my new short hair cut for over a week now and I’m really enjoying the no fuss do. I may have lots some fans in the cam world or even lost the opportunity to gain fans. I really all comes down to being happy with yourself and saying fuck the haters.

I don’t know if the hair cut or a new woman has caused K to lose interest in me but it looks like things are pretty much over between us and I am slowly wrapping my head around. I guess that long distance relationships do really have a shelf life. I miss him terribly but, I know that if he wanted to talk and be in touch with me he would do what is needed to be done.

You know what they say “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. All my best wishes go out to him and I hope that he will find love soon!


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