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X’s is writing a book

I went to over for coffee and a chat on Wednesday morning before work. She was in good spirits she told me that she lived the the life of a shut-in and treated like a child. She stays in her room and stays out of the way. There is tension between her and her parents. X has her cat for companionship and she is keeping busy by editing her book. Never in my life did I believe that I would meet someone that would write a book. I tell her that she is the next famous tortured Russian novelist.  I asked her about how she is managing and she tells me that she gives her disability cheque to her parents to cover the expenses. Her hair had grown quite long from the last time that I saw her she has coloured it platinum blond and is looking slim and content, her arms are adorned in homemade bracelets that are reminiscent of summer camp. We watch Maury and laughed and tried to guess who the baby daddy is…

Her birthday is this Sunday and I plan to give her something, I just don’t yet what it will be…


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