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K is now talking to "random" girls

So K was home on Friday and we cam to cam for the first time in a few weeks. While we were speaking I noticed that he was typing on his laptop. I asked him if he was working he replied, no “just a random girl” that set off alarm bells in my head. I said that my days are no numbered, he said “No. way” His actions lately have me convinced that I am no longer as interesting to him and he is now expanding his look outwards. He brought that it was no big deal and that since I cam it should make no difference to out dynamic.

I knew that the day would come that our distance would make a difference. I also recognize that thing happened very quickly between us and now the truth come out.

I am also jealous and being a little bit dramatic because I feel possessive and feeling possessive makes me want to let go. Whenever I feel a extreme emotion I want to walk away.

I will see how my emotions and how the interactions play out over the next few days.

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