Went out with a blast from past!

Yesterday while out with Ming at Starbucks I get a call from guy I have not heard from in while. I he asks me what I doing for the evening. I have no plans so I agree to meet up with him and see what’s up with the vibe.

He was always a very nice guy and in no way a creeper or someone that I was weirded out by so I thought what is harm in hanging out with a dude on a Saturday night especially when I don’t have any other plans.

So he came and picked me up, we tried to a bar and hang but the line up was too long for him. So we then drove down to the lake and went for a walk. I think that he was trying to recreate a moment between that already came and went.

Bottom line no spark no chemistry and not even worthy of a booty call. Hey at least I can say that I went out on Saturday night. C’est la vie