Something is not right with K

I am thinking that boredom is setting in, other pastures are looking greener, when you like someone and you start to feel their interest wane. I have been feeling very used and exploited by him lately but I watch more like a spectator and even participate but now it is more like a science experiment that anything else. Trying to see what the petri dish will grow next. I started with the intention that nothing will come of this because our physical distant. The emotion distance is starting to show it self now, but with men for me I never really know what is going on in their heads.

Gloria has died

My mother just told me today after talking to her friend  Y. That the lady that I looked after briefly succumbed to her illness and died. I did not know Gloria very long but she made me realise how valuable our time is here one earth that we should cherish our loved ones while they are alive and in our lives. We should also realize how precious our health is and that it is important that we do our best to be healthy and conscious of our choices like maintaining a healthy body weight she was very overweight and may have even been obsese and not smoking she smoked when it was glamorous to do, not to fuck married men because in the end men stay with their wives and you are left alone with nothing (it is rumored that is what she did).
Honestly it also thought me to be fruitful and multiply there is nothing sadder than dying alone with no loved ones around you. She had no children, she was an aunt and not a mother.