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Planning my next trip to India

I have been looking into the cost it gonna cost me at $1200 for the flight alone. I am really excited about the idea of going. The price is just not right yet. I would love to visit all the friends that I have made there. The plan would be to visit Kerala, Goa, Mumbai and any other city that I lucky enough to see while I am there.

K and I have created the whole fantasy of how it will be when we are together . The picture that we are both painting is one that is exciting and sexy. He lives by the sea there and I love the sea and water so I can just imagine how much fun I would have while visiting.

My mother asked me if he gonna pay for half my flight to get there while would release a lot of the burden for me. I guess time will tell how far this little dalliance that we are having will go. He has made me happy and I feel the love even it is from that far away. So we will have to see if he gonna put his money where his mouth is.


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