Jeremy Got His Passport

So today after a long wait and a lot of red tape Jeremy got his passport in the mail. I am excited by the idea that he will be coming for a visit. The plans that we have will be put into action now. The panties, the honey, the fingers, the toys…

All I have to do now is enjoy his company and see if we are as compatible as we think we are. This should be fun.

The Black Chick That Like Jeremy

According to Jeremy says that the girls that are attracted to him are either hoodrats or girls that are hardcore and rough around the edges. The reasons that they are attracted to him because he has a different look from all the other guys. These girls are referred to as diamonds in rough. They are attracted to lips and older dude sway.

Jeremy also says that regular white girls also and he discovered this by dating on Plenty of Fish by the response that he got from the women on there.