Meeting a lot of new and interesting people lately

My new adventures are allowing me to meet many new men. It is very exciting to meet new people and to gain a new presceptive. My lastest man that is keeping things intresting is a guy named “K” he is from India and he 35 and divorced. He seems very mellow and easy to get along with. I like the idea that he lives far away and opens me up to being a little more open to the things that we can talk about.

He seems educated, sexy, cultured. He was born and educated in Kuwait until he was 21, He speaks 5 different languages that include Hindi, English and Arabic. He funny and sound like lots of fun so far. We are both attracted to each from what we have seem online. All we need now is to know is if the pheramones line up

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Slicing up a roast with Momdukes!

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Ravine Ducks