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>Crazy Cat Lady Discovered in Toronto

>The news today tells the story of a woman that had over 60 cats residing with her in her home. The SPCA had to go to the home an remove the cats. The cats were kept in disgusting and filthy condition. Neighbour on the same street have been complaining for years and about the condition of the home and were grateful to finally have their prayers answer when the house was raided. The cats will all be examined by vets at the scene and sent to different SPCA locations for treatment if necessary. This story illustrates why spaying and neutering is so important. What puzzles me is why the case took so long to resolve and how many cats could have been saved if only they had acted sooner. The owner of the cats has not been charged but I am expecting that their will be charges even if just motivated by public outcry.

The phenomena of the crazy cat lady is something that North America stories are filled and in most occasion we usually laugh when mention is made of someone with a lot of cats. The lady maybe label crazy, lonely or spinster with limited prospects.  The true fact is that animals need love and attention and people should not have more animals than they are able to feed or take care of in a reasonable manner i.e. shot, sterilization and medical attention when needed.



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