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>Rolling Stones Magazine with Rihanna On The Cover

>So I just got in from the store, while there I checked out the magazines on the shelves. Rolling Stone Magazine caught my eye. I was curious like everyone else out the to get a glimpse of Rihanna fine form but the article that caught my eye was the one talking about U.S. solider in Afghanistan. The article displayed gruesome pictures of death Afghan civilians that were killed by the soldiers.

The article went on to tell of the soldiers blatant disregard for human life. The soldiers even took pictures of the death and circulated them amongst themselves. The pictures show the soldiers posing with dead bodies, they took pictures of dismembered civilians and even mutilated their victims. The article went on to outline the crimes that these soldiers inflicted on the people. The pictures were surreal and I have never seem real violence displayed so boldly and without shame.

The presence of Americans in Afghanistan is only making the people of that country even more anti-American. The American occupation of this country will probably leave Americans with more enemies than it started out with.



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