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>Brazil School Shooting


Yesterday there was a story on the news about a school shooting in Rio, Brazil. The reporter said that this incident was a first in country’s history. An armed gun man when on a rampage shooting school children indiscriminately. He started by entering the courtyard and shooting children there. He made the children turn around and face the wall and shot them in them backs of their heads. The story was very sad a shocking for me to hear and I discussed it with many important people in my life today that also found it difficult to believe and comprehend.

Today we learn that the shooter was a 23 year old man. He attended the school in the past. He was also infected with AIDS. This a very said story. This man was very selfish and evil to want to inflicted innocent children with his wrath. I understanding be depressed and hopeless but there must be better ways to deal with your lives problem that harming the weakest and smallest in our society.



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