Reading Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady ~ Think Like A Man

This book was suggested to me by a good friend.  We are reading it together and will form our own intimate book club. We are going to compare notes and see if the suggestions made by Mr. Harvey ring true.

The overall message that Mr. Harvey is putting forward in the book is that men have certain agendas that they must fulfill before they are ready to be mates and/or husband material.  Steve suggest that a man must be able to profess,protect, provide for his woman and family.

Profess means that a man will introduce to his family, friends and any one in ear shot that your are his woman. Protect means that a man will do all that is in his power to keep his woman and/family from harm. Provide means that a man is supporting a woman’s, his woman financial needs. To do all this a man needs 3 things from a woman support, loyalty, and the cookie (sex).

Mr. Harvey goes on to compare dating to fishing and makes many fishing analogies about  keepers verses the ones that you throwback. He also discusses standards and having some so that you are able to show a man that you are about something and for something. He also suggest that women put men on a 90 probation before having sex to see if they are really up for the job.

He also recommends that women who are single mother’s introduce the man early in the relationship so that the vibe between the man and the child are evident sooner than later. It is also supposed to help to determine the chemistry early on and determine if a man has staying power within the relationship. This nugget of info is gold. I really like the fact that he shared this info.

Mr. Harvey also suggest that women give men the opportunity to be men and prove there usefulness and worth in our lives and stop behaving too independent and not in need of help.

Over all the book is very interesting and offers sound advise. I am not sure agree with everything that he says but there are many valid points that make sense and at least should be considered.


The Royal Wedding

On this historic day my blog would be incomplete without discussing the Royal Wedding. Prince William married his princess today Katherine Elizabeth at West Minster Abbey in front of 1900 guests. The story is capturing headlines and hearts all over the world. Romance is truly not dead.

The new titles Prince and Princess of Cambridge. The bride appear stunning in a long sleeved dress designed by the House of the late Alexander McQueen. The people of England came out in full force and are still celebrating from what I see.

I personally wish the Prince and his new bride all the best and long and fruitful union. A marriage no matter who is getting symbolizes a fresh start.

The Royal Wedding

I am still awake at 1:45 a.m. I was hating of the idea of the Royal Wedding because it has demanded so much attention in the press for the past few months. The day is here and I am up late so I might as well watch it. I still not sure I have heard so many disparaging remarks about the relevancy of the Monarchy the cost of the wedding in this time of global economic and political upheaval.

I am very curious to see what Kate Middleton’s dress looks like. I remember being very young when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. The day was filled with wonder and so much fanfare just like the wedding of William and Catherine.

The hghlights of the wedding will have to serve me better than a night of lost sleep.

Body Type Diets According to Dr. Oz

Belly Body and All Over Fat

Belly Fat

Eat mono saturated fats, nuts, avocado, olive oil
Anti-inflammatory foods

  • Fish
  • Veggies
  • Lean Meats i.e. Turkey
  • Almond Butter

Good Food

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fish
  • Sweet Potatoes

Bad Food

  • Sugar
  • Red Meat
  • White Potatoes


Side Chair Plank

Big Booty
causes by less blood flow to the area to breakdown fat in the buttocks

Buttocks Funtions as a long term fat storage site

Breakfast steel cut oats ( prepare on the day before Sunday and put in a ziploc bag
Lunch should be veggie pita
Dinner: Pasta, veggies, chicken breast

Squat using jugs

All Over Body Fat

Fresh Veggies
Fish 3x per week instead of red meat

Can used for bicep curls
Stationary Walking

Slut Walk Gains International Support

A few weeks ago in Toronto, April 3 to be exact. Women took to the streets walking in their most provocative clothing and signs with others (men) that supported their beliefs. The idea of the Slut Walk was organized after a police officer Constable Michael Sanguinetti  while speaking at York University advised the students to avoid becoming a victim of assault by not wearing slutty clothing. This comment sparked outrage from the students and surrounding  community.

Others in Canadian cities and around world have joined the cause. The are walks to be held in Amsterdam, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland and the U.S. The message that these people are promoting is that a woman should be able to wear anything that she wants without being a victim.

When I first heard the name “Slut Walk”  I was put off, but when I later found out the message behind the walk I can do nothing more than support it. My position being a female, a mother of girl, and a person with 3 sisters I can only agree and support the worthy cause. Women should have equal right and be free of victimization no matter what they wear!

The officer later apologized and the police chief of Toronto Bill Blair claimed that the officer was young and inexperienced. Bullshit he knew exactly what he said I believe that many men and even women in our society like to blame the victim when a woman is assaulted.

People usually ask “What was she wearing?”  and consider scanty, tight, revealing clothing enough of reason to take a woman’s dignity and power. As we move further into the 21st century people must realize that women should be safe and supported no matter what they have on.

I have added this clip by Dave Chappelle because it outlines the perception that is held by men and also talks about cops and it’s damn funny!