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Cris’s Story

This is to anyone who is wondering what happened to me, and what landed me in the hospital for several months. This is what happened:

I went over to my friend Lakshmi’s apartment on August 13, 2010. We were having a great time when there was a knock on the door. It was several police officers saying that the neighbors had called complaining that something had dropped on their downstairs patio. They acted a little rudely and even though I was not involved I decided to take the blame on myself in hopes that this would speed up their interrogation process. One of the officers started swearing his head off at me, and my friend Lakshmi said in front of them that I shouldn’t have taken the blame when I did nothing wrong. Too late. This one cop grew very angry and continued to swear even more. At this point in time I had had just about enough of listening to him and asked if I could go have a smoke. To my surprise, I was allowed. This would be the biggest mistake by far that I have ever made in my 26 years on this planet. I stepped out on the balcony and even my friend Lakshmi confirms that the police officer that was swearing like crazy followed me not long after. The rest, no one but the police officer and I were witnesses to. This one event sticks with me as if it just happened.

There I was standing on the balcony digging through my purse when he came out after me still exhibiting serious verbal diarrhea. I  politely asked him why he felt the need to follow me around when I was doing nothing wrong. He kept on swearing some more as he approached me. He got close enough and punched me in the left eye, took a second then punched my eye again. The damage was severe, I’m surprised I didn’t blackout right there and then. I tried to keep my balance and grabbed the balcony railing with my left hand. I guess in his logic he didn’t want to have to explain why my face had all of a sudden become so damaged, so he simply grabbed me, lifted me up then tossed me with some force over the balcony railing like a piece of trash. The rest is a blank to me, and my friend told me when I woke up that she was not exactly sure how much time had passed that night, but the officer had calmly come back into the apartment and nonchalantly announced “she jumped”, as if what had just occurred was a constant and normal everyday event in his life. She tells me she knew right away that he was responsible. When I woke up from a coma, I right away began to describe what happened to me. The events where still extremely traumatic and clear in my mind (my father even got me on tape”. To my story, medical professionals responded by telling me complete shit like “No, you jumped yourself, cops are very very good people…” I was more surprised by some of the reactions of people I called ‘friends’ when I told them the horrific injustice that had occurred to me, I had some give me responses like “I find it very hard to believe…cops are very good people…you must have jumped yourself and forgot.” Really? And I managed to go through life referring to these individuals as my friends? Enough. It’s hard to believe that this happened? No…what’s hard to believe is that people seem to have never even heard of something that’s referred to as a ‘corrupt cop’. Now that’s hard to believe. And allow me now to break it down a little bit for some people out there who seem to have some difficulty with their logic:

1. I in no way, shape or form all of a sudden magically became acrobatically gifted, allowing me to easily get my body over a shoulder high balcony railing, then propel myself to fly off some distance away from the apartment building. Lets imagine for a second that this was even remotely possible. Am I or anyone expected to believe that the cop just calmly stood by watching me attempt the climb? What kind of cop is that then…?

2. If I by some chance  had absolutely nothing better do to that night but make plans with my friend, then wait for the cops to arrive and then jump off her balcony, I sure as hell WOULD NOT , in NO WAY do this sort of thing at anyone’s residence. I am not that selfish of a person to put someone and their family through this. I would not in any way want my friend to have the knowledge that her friend for over a decade ended her life using her balcony. Her and her family would have to wake up  with that knowledge every day. Really…I’m not that selfish. I’ve done selfish things in the past, but people… the line is drawn somewhere. Which brings me to my next point. To anyone who still believes I’m this selfish and I jumped, that really insults me and tells me a tremendous amount about our friendship. Anyone who feels the need to dispute the events that I have written about, please attempt to keep just ONE thing in mind: You were not even there on the balcony with me and the police officer at that time.


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