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>Today’s Adventure

>I am CBC studio waiting to watch George Stromboloupolous’ show George is away on assignment. The band that will be performing is called P.S. I love you. I never heard of them before today or to be exact when I was given the opportunity to check out the show. This day is an experience that will be added to bucket list. There is no real rhyme or reason for it. The group is composed of two members. Two the could not be any more different looking the drummer lean and lanky with clean-cut dark hair could pass for your run of the mill nerd type. The lead singer and guitar player on the other hand is overweight with strawberry blond hair. The duo perform three song to be recorded two times each. The set up of the band reminds me of the white stripes. The group instead of sticking to the red, white and black colour pallet, they wear flannel and blue jeans, the lead singing is also wearing retro Nike I can’t see the drummers feet. The member of the audience which are the “true” fans sport a similar dress code. The lead singers engages the audience and says hello. They appear to be polite and mild-mannered boys.

The songs are fast paced and exciting with heavy concentration on the instruments. I really can’t tell if the lead singers voice is good or not over the wailing instruments


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