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>Listening Paul McKenna while I sleep

>I have been listening to Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin for the past two days. I noticed that I haven’t eaten as much. Calorie Counter for Blackberry shows less calorie intake.  Last night I played the CD while I was sleeping and I kept it on continuous play with the Stop Smoking Today CD by the same author. I am already a believer.  My plan is to listen to it until I have to return it in 2 and half more weeks. I believe that the book will be in  even more demand after Dr. Oz’s show airs on Monday and a lot more people find out who he is. I got in on this one before a major tipping point takes place. I am gonna weigh my self more scientifically over the  following weeks.

I recommend that people should definitely give this a try, this book is available at Costco at a discounted price


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