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>At the library!

>My trip today to the library is to pick up some books that I reserved. I am totally into hypnosis right now. The titles are Change Your Life In 7 Days by Paul McKenna and a Cd Success! Through Auto Hypnosis by Stephen Hawley Martin. I now have them for 3 weeks. We will all gauge my progress over the following weeks.

While here I am going to print off K’s home work. I am also trying to get on a scale and see what my weight is looking like. Not something I’m gonna post here though:).

Coming to the library also gave me an opportunity to walk and get some fresh air,  and by not using my car I will save on gas. The only downside is that my running shoes are wet from last nights snow. I did want to wear my boots because the heel too high and I sporting opposing injuries on both feet from misadventures around my home i.e. dancing carelessly and hitting my heel and putting chair leg on my big toe while I was standing up from the computer.


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