>Hypnosis Progress So Far

>For the past few days I have been receiving compliments about my appearance and how much weight I have lost. I feel the change my self in how some of my clothes are fitting. I still have not weighed myself  I plan to do it sometime this week. A friend who I visited on Friday commented on how my body had changed. We had not seen each in a few months. A male friend that I saw yesterday and I have not seen in 3 weeks also made comments about my weight loss. I took pictures on my cell phone and my body also looks fitter in the pictures too. My appetite has had obvious changes and I even started to workout with even more concentration. I am very happy with how things are going so far.

My Hypnosis sessions are going to be a few times a week cut down from everyday when I first got the Cd. The Cd encourages you to practice the weight skills you already know combined with slow and thoughtful eating. The hypnosis also encourages positive talk and using your imagination to visualize the body you want.


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2012 Survivor Girl

You have heard the rumors, They have made big blockbuster movies. There are jokes that are made and speculation about what is going to happen. If you had the opportunity to be ahead for the crowd and in the know about what to expect and how to prepare. Do you remember the story of Noah and how people laughed and made comments about his sanity. If paying a small price for a book that will give you some answers and a better defense against the chaos.

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>Healthy Skin Foods

 High in vitamin C
4 x the vitamin C of an orange
builds collagen in skin
Try to eat 2 cups per week

Wheat Germ
Rich in zinc
 which heals wounds, is an anti-inflammatory
1/2 cup per day

Romaine Lettuce 
 High in vitamin A
great for cellular repair

Brazil Nuts
Excellent sources of selenium and antioxidants
repairs skin damage

Contains Lycopine
antioxidant, natural U.V. sunscreen

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>5 Foods to Keep out of Groceries

>1. Sugars 

  • causes blood sugar imbalances
  • ends up on stomach

2. Processed Meats

  •  contains nitrates
  • causes stomach fat

3. Ingredients that you cannot pronounce

4. Fake Healthy Foods

  • food labeled low in fat, is usually means high in sugar

5. Foods that are high in sodium


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