>Still waiting for K

>After seven long years of waiting. I just found out that I will be waiting for at least 3 years. The news has just left me numb. This process no longer makes me sad. I am just disappointed and I have lost hope that our union was ever meant be. I guess I will have to make lemonade out the lemons that life has given me. I must remain grateful for all the things I have rather than being sad about what I don’t it will take time and effort on my part.

>CNN – Drs. Esselstyn and Ornish interview about Bill Clinton going Vegan

>The vegan diet for healthier living. I think the problem comes not just from meat but the mass produced why that food is made in North America. People are not eating properly because food that is bad for you is so cheap and easy to access. Americans have to do so much more about be informed and question the motivations for what and why they eat what they eat. The is an offering from the informed medical world.

>Egypt in Upheaval

>It appears that Egypt is going through a revolution right now. The people want democracy they have decided that the current political system no longer service the needs of the people. I was not even aware that things were not going well in the country. I guess that is how much North Americans  are disconnected to what people are doing all over the world. It also appears that other African nations are following suit. They no longer what to be ruled by leaders with unending terms or people only create a system where only their relatives are the ones that get power.

I guess that is why so many people strive for the American dream because with all it’s problems and disillusions America still offers more opportunity to be anything that you strive for.

I am now watching and waiting to see what is going to happen next.